Does Open-Minded Mean Bi in the Swingers Community?


As swingers, you consider yourselves quite open-minded. Both you and your partner are up for pretty much anything and everything and have very healthy sexual attitudes. Does that necessarily make you bisexual?

Open-minded and bisexual are not the same. When you’re open-minded, it means you’re willing to ponder on and even accept ideas and concepts out of the norm. Considering you’re part of the lifestyle, it should come as no surprise that those who engage in swinging also often participate in open-minded relationships.

People of any and all sexual orientation can be open-minded. That said, there’s no direct link between one’s sexual orientation and how open or even close-minded they perceive themselves. Open-mindedness simply refers to one’s ability to consider ideas, not necessarily engage in them.

Those who feel attracted to both men and women are bisexual or bi. You’ll certainly find bi swingers out there, and maybe you’ve ever interacted with some yourself. A bisexual person can have an open mind, but it doesn’t change anything about their sexual orientation, as we said.

Let’s say, for instance, you’re a straight man. You’re only sexually attracted to women. In your swinging lifestyle, you could come across a bi man. He’s sexually attracted to both men and women. You consider yourself open-minded, thus, his lifestyle choices don’t really bother you.

However, just because you approve of this bi person’s lifestyle doesn’t mean you’re bisexual yourself. The only way you could become bisexual is if you developed an interest in men if you’re a man while still having a sexual attraction to women. If you’re a bisexual woman, then you’d feel sexually attracted to both men and women.

Gay, bi, or straight, no matter your own sexual orientation, having acceptance or at least open-mindedness for others in the community matters a lot. It sounds like you’re already on the right track.


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