Dirty Talk Increases Sexual Excitement Among Lifestyle Couples

Dirty talk is a form of sexual practice that is also called erotic talk and can become a stimulant of sorts for both vanilla couples and those in the swingers lifestyle. Partners can use naughty words and sensual sounds that are likely to increase arousal and to promote greater mutual sexual pleasure.

Erotic talk can involve single words or phrases that describe an experience, a desire or expressing your own feelings during self-gratification. Whether it’s a traditional couple or a swinger couple, dirty talk can be shared in person during foreplay, intercourse, on the phone, webcam or sexting. Here are some tips to increase sexual excitement with these tactics.

Use Descriptive Words Saying What You Want to Do or Are Doing

Simply describing what you are doing (even if you really aren’t at the time) or whisper about a sultry fantasy scene saying what you want to do with your partner is a time-tested technique. This erotic talk is most commonly done on the phone or through a webcam, but is almost equally popular for face-to-face encounters.

Talk dirty over text. Better known as sexting, this is the ideal way for partners at a distance, those looking for discretion and those who are a bit shy or new to the art of naughty convos. Sexting sessions can be spiced up with sensual photos or short audio messages. This is also a perfect way to communicate with partners and playmates in the swinging lifestyle to get warmed up for upcoming encounters.

Lost for Words? Read Some Erotica

Erotica can be rather inspiring and there are usually certain paragraphs and phrases that are major turn-ons. Make a note of these areas in the literature of your choice and put on a sexy voice to read them to your partner.

This can be a great way to discuss any fantasies that have yet to be explored, such as role-play scenarios to discover whether the other partner or swinging playmates may be sharing the same thoughts. Implementing these ideas is purrrrfect when the mind is drawing a blank or you’re not in the mood but your partner is.

Start Prepared for Sex Talk Success: Define What’s Off-limits

There are certain words—even those related to sexuality and sex acts—that may trigger others. That being said, some words considered offensive in day-to-day-life are often really hot in the sexual realm. Discuss with each other what phrases and words are particularly stimulating and which ones are turn-offs. Many newbies start with subdued sexting and dirty talk and then work their way up towards more daring or raunchy territory.

Enhance Your Sex Life with Sensual Talk

It can seem a bit embarrassing initially during those first few attempts at erotic talk. However, those wanting to spice things up, keep a long-distance relationship moving forward, or who just love the idea of talking dirty should get past any misconceptions and give it a try!


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