Cuckolding in a Relationship

hotwifing 4If you and your partner are looking for adventurous ways of spicing things up in the bedroom, then you should try cuckolding. It involves watching your woman having sex with other men, while you observe but don’t participate. Some men find the sight of their women moaning and enjoying sex with someone else a huge turn on. Most of the times, the couple decides on who to bring on board, while other times, the man chooses who the wife will have sex with.

If you want to engage in cuckolding, you have to remember the following tips on how to get involved:

1. Before you decide on it, ensure that your partner is comfortable. Do not surprise her with the idea, since it is very sensitive. Discuss your sexual fantasies with her, and ask her opinion on it before you start.

2. Ensure that there is trust in the relationship before you can involve another person. You do not want your insecurities and jealousy to interfere with the whole experience. You need to ask yourself: “Will I be okay if another man makes her climax and enjoy sex?” If the answer is yes, then you can start planning on it.

3. Understand the need for cuckolding: Before you go for it, make sure that you are doing it for sex only. Just as a way of enriching your sex life and trying new things. You should have a lot of fun and keep it light.

4. Practice safe sex: needless to say, you need to be safe. If possible, always use a condom, and go for tests before you engage. You do not want to get an STI or unplanned pregnancy from an act of sexual fetish.

5. Explore different places: If you want to get someone to involve in cuckolding, you can visit different sites online. Do a search and try the different options available. You can also pick someone from the club, or approach a friend you think would be on board.

Swapping your wifeThere are many reasons why couples choose cuckolding:
1. It is a way of fulfilling sexual fantasies and fetishes. If you always imagine what it would feel like to see your partner having sex with someone else, or if you want your man to watch you getting it from another man, then this is the way to go.

2. It is a way of improving intimacy and getting to know what your partner likes in bed. You can watch your woman with another man and get to actually see and note what turns her on.

3. Couples find that engaging in sexual fantasies and fetishes such as cuckolding brings them closer. Just the fact that you can decide to try things outside what you are used to, and keeping it between yourselves is a good way of being close.

4. Women get a feeling of dominance, sleeping with another man while they are being watched. It gives them a sense of power.

5 Some couples use this as a way to prevent cheating. Allowing sex with other people while they are both involved in it.

6. Some men find that after watching their women with another man, they are driven to sexually satisfy them and put a lot of effort towards pleasing their women. Humans are competitive by nature, and this is one way of improving things especially when sex is slowing down in a relationship.




cuckoldBefore a couple decides to engage in this alternative lifestyle, they should understand what the concept means and what it entails. By definition a cuckold is a scenario where a wife (girlfriend) has sex with another man while her husband (boyfriend) watches. Although this lifestyle has never really surfaced out into the open like swingers, it is becoming more popular with every generation. Living the life of an amateur cuckold shouldn’t be too difficult, seeing as most men don’t really have a problem in regards to having intercourse with anotherREAD MORE


cuckold (courtesy wifesharing)Several readers have written in and asked me if there is a difference between swinging and being a cuckold. The answer is a definite yes. To understand a cuckold relationship or lifestyle you must first understand what a cuckold is. The encyclopedia determines a cuckold as a man who has an unfaithful wife. The newer accepted description is or can be, a sexually inadequate husband who accepts his wife’s decision on who she alone will decide to have sex with. Now there are several types of cuckolds. Some cuckold relationships