Chinese Herbs To Help Improve Your Sex Life

In the old days, herbal remedies were used to cure ailments from minor cuts and bruises, stomach aches as well as disease.  The Chinese still uses herbal remedies today and accounts for an estimated 40 % of all health care delivered in China according to Wikipedia.  Maintaining a healthy lifestyle through herbal supplements, diet and exercise can help improve your overall heath and well being.  The same is true for increasing the health of your sex life, and the Chinese has some herbs that can help to increase stamina and sensitivity for longer happier sexual pleasures.  Here are a few:

Chinese Hers That Improves Sex Life - SchizandraSchizandra is an edible berry from the magnolia plant family and is used as a homeopathic medicine.  It is a great energy source.  It also contains zinc which helps to heighten sexual endurance in men and improve sexual sensitivity and intensify orgasms in women.

Dendrobium also called Chinese orchid is of the orchidaceae plant family and is good for rejuvenating the sex drive.

Lycium or Goji berries is of the nightshade family and contain about 90 species of plants.  Lycium is good for longevity and helps with erectile dysfunction(ED).

Chinese Hers That Improves Sex Life - Goji-berriesCistanche is a desert plant and of the Orobanchaceae plant family according to Wikipedia.  It is a sex tonic that is used to enlarge the penis and make it harder during an erection.

Ginseng or Ginseng root known as “man root” is common in the west and sold over the counter at most stores.  Ginseng belongs to the araliaceae plant family and has many sexual benefits.  It helps with the nervous system, energy levels, fights fatigue and physical stamina.  It also helps to produce sex related hormones that increases sexual response.

Deer Antler is as popular as Ginseng and it is good for longevity, energy and helps increase sexual stamina.

Chinese Hers That Improves Sex Life - CistancheEpimedium or more commonly known as Horny goat weed is of the plant family Berberidaceae.  This helps to increase sperm production in men and improves sex drive in women.

Polygonum is also known as knotweed, tear-thumb or mile a minute according to Wikipedia.  It is of the Polygonaceae plant family and is good for improving potency and sperm production in men and helps with fertility in women.

Eucommia is a small tree found in China and is the sole member of the Eucommiaceae plant family.  It is a common ingredient for traditional Chinese medicine according to Wikipedia and is good for fighting fatigue throughout sex.

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