Bisexual Swingers


Everyone joins the lifestyle for a particular reason. Whether its to live out a fantasy, spice up your marriage/love life or maybe to try something as taboo as having a bisexual encounter, a swingers website is the place connect with other open minded people. In the lifestyle, it is important to embrace your desires and be open and honest with your self and partner.

Bisexual SwingersWomen who join the lifestyle, do so to fulfill a fantasy.  Some dream of having  sex with more than one man at a time, while others dream of their partner watching while she is pleased by other men. Some even want their partner to join them in an orgy. There are also women in the lifestyle that is interested in having a bisexual encounter. They never lived out their college girl bisexual fantasy and want to act on those desires now. They sometimes engage in a threesome with their spouse and another woman, or just have their spouse watch. For the men that are married to these women, this could be a rush that every man has ever dreamed of.

Remember as always, when you start swinging, you need to establish rules, and even a safe word or codes so your spouse knows that you want them to stop. A safe word or code can be any word you choose. It doesn’t matter, just as long as the both of you know to use the word to stop if a situation arises that makes you uncomfortable.

I can’t help remember an episode on Playboy Swingers. A man and woman were new to the lifestyle and decided to play. They had established a safe word, but as soon as the man started to play, the woman got upset and left when she witnessed her husband being pleased by another woman. She became upset, but she had forgot to use the safe word. She never said the safe word, so her partner did not know she was uncomfortable. Communication is the key to the lifestyle.

Believe it or not several people join the lifestyle to explore their bisexuality. Several women are interested in the bisexual aspect of the lifestyle, just as men are. Yes you heard me correctly, men are interested in bisexual swingers as well. There is nothing wrong with it and I say don’t knock it until you try it.

Bisexual Swingers Several men are uncomfortable with describing this on their profile that they share with their wife. Some want to but don’t want their pictures to be seen because they are afraid someone will recognize them. Here is my advice, if you are a man or woman and are interested in trying out bisexual swingers, I recommend posting pics, but not your face, and be totally open and honest in what you are looking for. By being honest on your profile on a swingers website, you will get more people that are in to the things you are looking for.

Believe it or not some single men have bisexual experiences through the cuckold lifestyle with a dominant swinger bull in charge, anything can happen. Again upon trying anything new, it would be wise to do your research, make a decision with your partner, but always have rules and a safe word in there for when it’s time to play.



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Bisexual WomenThe topic of bisexuality is very interesting and quite difficult for some people to grasp. This is why we feel it is important that we clear up some of the confusion. There is some form of stigma associated with bisexual people around the world. No matter how people react about the word bisexual, it actually means when a person is openly attracted emotionally and sexually to the same gender and remains attracted to the opposite gender. Well, this information may not be for someone who is shocked by the mere