A Look At Why Some Couples May Divorce After Swinging

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Swinger couples are quick to acknowledge that their mutual love of the lifestyle tends to keep things interesting by spicing up their relationships with other willing partners. Swinging couples divorce rates are actually lower than monogamous couples statistically, but divorce after swinging does happen.

Interestingly, while ‘traditional’ unions most often dissolve due to financial issues or infidelity, swinging couples divorce rates are more commonly attributed to one point of contention: breaking the rules of their partnership agreement concerning playing. Let’s delve into the many facets of rule breaking that swinging divorce seekers cite as irreconcilable differences.

Play Together, Stay Together—Avoid These Rule Breakers

The possibility of filing for divorce after swinging will be far less likely as long as those in open marriages protect their relationship’s long-term viability with pre-established guidelines that all parties follow to a tee. Rules can be changed, but breaking any of them at any time without a new arrangement can prove to be a swinger couples demise. Some of these deal breaking scenarios include the following.

Breaking Pre-Set Engagement Limitations

Many polyamorous or swinger couples have rules concerning how many times they can play with a partner before they are ‘retired’ and considered off limits permanently. This is to prevent any deepening feelings with outside encounter participants. Remember, the other participant likely has limits too, and breaking them on their end can also source major repercussions.

Violating Sexual Space Agreements

There seems to be a real issue amid sharing couples that the marital or couple bed is off limits for playtime with secondary lovers. It’s seen as a violation of the sacred space meant to be theirs and theirs alone. Sharing the family bed with a lover has caused many divorces amid swingers.

Suddenly Switching Gears Sexually

Sometimes the pressure and jealousy of swinging can become overwhelming for one partner, and they make the decision to want to transform the relationship into a monogamous one. While some work it out, if one partner doesn’t want to go vanilla, the marriage is likely destined for divorce court.

As you can see, the wonderful world of swinging relationships aren’t for everyone, but for those who love to share themselves and their partners with others, following the rules can result in a lifetime of love and pleasure.


Swinging, Divorce And Marriage Counseling.

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