Why You Should Think About a Foursome

four-somesIn today’s society, relationships can become strained due to a fast pace lifestyle along with technology advancements. People have too much work, lots of traveling and other obligations to handle and don’t seem to set aside time for family, friends and cultivating their relationships. If not taken seriously, these factors can put a strain on a marriage or relationship. This is where some bedroom excitement comes into play. Sure, you could try some role playing, toys and even watching porn, but there are also spicier things you can try. One of these is the foursome.

A foursome is where a couple decides to bring in another couple to spice things up in the bedroom. The saner combination is 2 men and 2 women. One of the things that threesomes brought about was isolation for the 3rd person. With a foursome, couples get to watch each other for future tips and also engage in partner swapping to add to the fun.

Before you log off, let me share a story. A close friend of mine married his high school sweetheart and we believed that their love was forever. One day, he shows up at my door with beer packs saying that the marriage could end. He said that they argue for no reason and she preferred to hang with the girls’ more than with him. I encouraged him to talk to his wife and maybe find out what the problem was and how they may be able to fix it. As suspected, she hinted that their sex life was becoming boring and that they never tried out new things. They talked about adding some spice by the way of a third, but each one felt just having only one person joining them, then the other may feel left out. So a mutual friend told them about foursomes or even couple swapping and they started to toy with the idea. Here are a few guidelines they came up with.

  • The couple needs to set the rules beforehand. This eliminates chances of jealousy and friction because of inadequate planning.
  • My friend found out that it works best with a swinger couple who is not too close for comfort (basically, don’t bring your friend with the hot wife to your bedroom).
  • You should meet the other couple in a neutral location to set the rules and get the party started before moving it to a private location.
  • Take your swinging to a hotel or resort somewhere away from home. It keeps the nosy neighbors away and saves your kids (if any) from years of therapy.

A foursome is one of the more risqué sexual experiments but it will definitely get your sex life and relationship back on track. My friend showed up again at my door a couple of weeks later with beers in his hand, but this time, he had a wicked grin on his face and praise for his wife and marriage, thanks to a foursome weekend getaway.



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