The Different Orgasms Achieved By a Woman

Different Orgasms Achieved By a Woman Orgasm refers to the sudden release of sexual tension which is characterized by rhythmic muscular contractions in the pelvic region. Most women never experience such a state since they are not being sexually satisfied by their men. Some ladies stick to their partners not because of sexual satisfaction, some are not enjoying the pleasures that are associated with orgasm, but for companion ship.

Some women crave sexual satisfaction and will go elsewhere if they are not brought to orgasm. If you think your partner is lacking, you can help your partner by educating them about your body, or visiting a swinger’s website or a club to get some pointers. If a partner cannot make a woman reach orgasm, it can be a good idea to consider the swing lifestyle where she can be satisfied by other men. This way, she will never hate sex.

Here are the different orgasms achieved by a woman:

  1. Clitoral Orgasm

This is one of the most sensitive places on a woman that can make her reach orgasm. It is advisable that a man stimulate the clitoris before actual penetration. The clitoris has a lot of sensory nerves that when stimulated by touching on the tip, can make a woman reach clitoral orgasm easily and thus referred to as a clitoral orgasm. Some men are afraid to touch their women and makes it impossible for her to reach this type of orgasm. Ladies, you know your body and if you’re not getting the stimulation needed to take you over the edge, go ahead and touch yourself. Some men find this a turn on.

  1. Vaginal Orgasm

Different Orgasms Achieved By a Woman In addition to the nerves found on the surface of the clitoris, there is a very sensitive spot inside the vagina. This point is called the G-spot. This spot has a lot of sensory nerves and when touched, a lady will easily reach orgasm. This type of orgasm is known as a vaginal orgasm. Therefore for a lady to reach the vaginal orgasm, her man should be in a position to identify this sensitive spot and stimulate by touching.

  1. Anal Orgasm

Anal orgasm is achieved when there is an indirect stimulation off the “clitoral legs” via the anus. The clitoral legs are the extensions of the clitoris that are known to flank the urethral sponge, vagina and urethra then extend backwards towards the pubis. When the clitoris is stimulated indirectly from the anus, a lady will easily reach orgasm. If a woman’s partner is not into anal sex, then a lady will never experience this type of orgasm.

There is that feeling of self-satisfaction when a woman experiences orgasm in her relationship. She feels complete and walks around with a glow and sense of happiness. If her man cannot achieve this, the best place to go again is the swinger’s party where she will meet other men to make her reach the orgasm she want.

In most cases, the women who will enjoy the pleasures associated with these types of orgasms are those who are in the swinglifestyle. They will meet different men who can make them enjoy different types of orgasms.



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