Why Swinging Has Become the New Relationship Norm


Learn Why swinging has become the new relationship norm and how. As time progresses people become more tolerant and self aware to others sexual needs desires and wants. To understand why swinging has become the norm, we look at how swinging has progressed over the years.


– The Origins of Swinging

Many people erroneously believe that swinging is something new. Interestingly, this type of relationship is almost as old as human civilization. For example, it was common among the Asurini people in Brazil, the Inuit people in the Arctic region, the Lemba in Africa, and in many parts of Arabia. Some researchers even argue that swinging precedes monogamous relationships. What is happening today is that swinging is becoming more popular that other types of relationships. This rise in popularity started in 16th century Europe when people started talking about it openly instead of practicing it in secret. Today, swinging is making a huge comeback in almost all corners of the globe. For example, the US had about 4 million known swingers in 2005. In 2011, that figure rose to 15 million people. You must look at the benefits of swinging to understand why it is becoming so popular.

swinging group 2

– The Benefits of Swinging

People are turning to swinging because it allows you to be who you are. Imagine going to a party and seeing just how beautiful a couple at that party is. Would you not want to be with that couple? Yes, you would, but only a few people would admit it. With swinging, you get to explore your deepest and darkest secrets in an environment of trust and openness. More importantly, you get to share this experience of exploration with your partner and a few other people that you like. You can learn so much from swinging. For example, new ways of pleasing your partner and what she desires. Do not let go of feelings that come naturally to you. Instead, embrace these desires in a safe environment with people that you consider safe and fun.

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Nothing is as important in human society as the freedom to choose what you want to do in life. Where this freedom exists, so does happiness. Swinging allows people to liberate themselves sexually and it is highly unlikely that it will go away. In fact, the internet is now a tool through which swingers can communicate with each other discreetly. They do not have to worry about anyone talking about their lifestyle. They also get to meet new people from all over the country, and in some cases, the world. Now you can see how swinging has become the new relationship norm and why. All you need to do is to find fellow swingers on a professional and fun website for swingers.