11 Sex Tips for Swinging Couples

      • Sex Tips for Swinging Couples Once in a while some women like it rough.  Take her with a little force, pull her close, rip off her clothes and do it cave man style.
      • Some say morning sex is the best sex.  Ladies, if you wake up before your man, give him an oral surprise.  You might be late for work, but you will have that pep in your step you get from having great sex.
      • Alternate using your hand and mouth for oral sex.  Depending on his size, stimulating the shaft as well as the head can make all the difference and you won’t get as tired.
      • Men, if you want your ladies to swallow, read up on Tips To Make Your Semen Taste Sweet.  Studies have shown that pineapples tend to make your semen taste better.
      • Ladies, surprise your man by removing all your pubic hair completely.  Revealing a groomed undercarriage will leave him hypnotized.
      • Ladies, having sex is a great way to burn calories and it does wonders for the body and mind.  Check Out How To Burn Calories with Sex Positions.  Missionary positions burns 21 calories, but an orgy let you burn 75 calories.Sex Tips for Swinging Couples
      • Ladies, whether you are married or not, never get too comfortable with your man.  Continue to dress sexy for bed.  Whether you wearing sexy lingerie or even a tank top and sexy panties, always be ready for your man.
      • Men, move your entire body up about two inches.  Your pubic bone will rest on top of hers so that the base of your penis presses on her clit.  This position provides continuous stimulation of her clitoris during intercourse.
      • Ladies, don’t be afraid to touch yourself.
      • Have Vacation Sex.  Haven’t been on a vacation in a while?  Check out Sex Tips for Swinging Couples International Swingers Day, a swinger’s holiday and lifestyle convention, happening at the beautiful Resort Caliente Caribe in the Dominican Republic.
      • Ladies give your man a full body massage.