On and Off Premise Swingers Club

Swinger Magazine - On Premise Swingers Club An on-premise swingers club is known in the lifestyle as a place where couples can get together and engage in intimate behaviors.  Most on-premise clubs have themed rooms which are areas designated for sexual play.  If you’re new to the lifestyle, think about visiting an off premise club first.  There is no sex allowed at an off premise club, but you will be able to connect with other like-minded couples in the lifestyle and have fun.  Themed rooms can also be found at many lifestyle resorts, conventions and on cruises. Veterans of the lifestyle can seek heighten pleasure by visiting one of the themed rooms listed below:

The Red Light Room is for couples into voyeurism.  Watch or be watched, this is often Red light Room at On Premise Club encouraged as it enhances the experience of those being watched.

The Pink Room is for ladies only, no men allowed, so if you are bi-curious or want to experience sex with another woman, this is the room to visit.

The Dark Room is a pitch black room where anything goes.  Once inside, it’s hard to see anything, but you can touch, lick, suck etc what you feel like in this room.  If you have homophobic tendencies, you may want to stay away from this room, as you may encounter your first male on male experience.

The Sybian Room - On Premise Swingers ClubThe Sybian Room is a room where they mount a vibrator, usually bigger than the standard size; it is then used to produce orgasm.   You may want to take one home with you.

The Tantra Room is a room where couples can experience the art of love making without climax.  Some couples actually enjoy this room, give it a try and decide.

The Oral Room or the soft swap room is for couples not yet ready to do a full swap, but would like to play with other couples.

Pick up a copy of the swingers magazine for more on themed rooms at on-premise clubs.





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