Lifestyle Definitions – N

Newbies or Newcomers
New people in swinging; First-time swingers either a couple, single woman or man new to the lifestyle.

Non Smoker (Swingers)
Non Smoker, this is a swinger or swinger couple that does not smoke. With online swinging profiles one may say Non smoker or NS.

No Strings Attached (NSA)
This means someone that wants to get together to swing without any sort of commitment or other relationship (other than sexual).

Nymphomaniac or Hypersexuality
Nymphomaniac and the concept of hypersexuality replaces older thoughts of nymphomania (or furor uterinus) and satyriasis. Nymphomania was believed to be a female psychological disorder with an overactive libido and obsessed with sex. In males the concept is known as satyriasis or satyr.