Lifestyle Definitions – L

Leather (Fetish)
Leather, also a fetish of sexual stimulation through the wearing or touching of leather or leather garments, this can entail whips and leather lingerie. (See also Fetish)

A woman sexually and emotionally attracted to other women. Although Lesbians only date women, in rare occasions a Lesbian couple may invite a single man for a threesome. Some couples have a single male over to impregnate one or both members of the Lesbian couple. In this case the man would be known as the Bull or Swinger Bull.

The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

Lifestyle Swingers
A Lifestyle Swinger or Lifestyle Swingers couple is one who attends lifestyle functions, such as swinger parties, swinger clubs and one who is involved in soft swap and full swap. (See also Soft Swap and Full Swap)

Local Swingers
Local Swingers means a swinger or swinger couple that is local to your area such as local swingers in your city as well as your neighbors. Local Swingers also attend local Swinger clubs which can be found here.

Long Term Relationship (LTR)
Used mostly in personal ads and online ads.