Adventures in Sex, While Wearing a Blindfold

You can magnify your sexual arousal and tension by wearing blindfolds during sex. The fact behind this is that when one of your senses is inactive then its loss is compensated with other senses and this is commonly experienced in sex activities. Thus you can spice up your relationship by using such sex arousal tricks. Telling you about how they can affect your sexual relationship is the main motive of this article.

Foreplay with tasty foods:

Adventures in Sex, While Wearing a BlindfoldUsing blindfolds during sexual activities dose not mean to play sex openly. If you want to do something new from your sex routine then blindfolds play an active role in it as you can start with it out of your bedroom. You can blindfold your partner or be blindfolded by your partner and try to surprise each other’s taste buds with some delicious food items like honey, chocolate or strawberries etc but avoid pushing some obnoxious or irritating thing such as chili. At this stage of fun game of blindfolded sex you have to win the trust of your partner. You can also carry on all these activities in your bedroom if you want to extend these funny moments. At the same time, you could try at other places than the bedroom.

Cleaning each other:

You can try to clean each other with the blindfold still on. You can use your fingers and tongue to clean your partner’s ice cream daubed mouth. This will help you in feeling the touch and flavor of each other’s body before going for blindfolded sex.

Blindfold foreplay in the bedroom:

Adventures in Sex, While Wearing a BlindfoldAfter winning the trust of your partner you can go forward to start your fun and sex games in your bedroom by caressing your blindfolded girl friend after undressing her. You can stroke her toes, hands, back, stomach, legs, breasts, genitals and neck to arouse her sexual instincts. You can also increase the pressure of your strokes at various unexpected places with some pauses to tease her in a funnier manner by moving from one to the other part of her body. You can also use your lips to trace various parts of her body. Licking and kissing on various vital parts while moving down to her vagina will arouse a unique sensation in her. This unique form of blindfolded foreplay will increase the interest of your blindfolded partner towards blindfolded sex when she does not know what you are doing with her.

Reversing the blindfold foreplay in the bedroom :

During this blindfolded foreplay in your bedroom you can also allow her to be active and undress you and have a feel of the scent and taste of your body. In this way she will be using all of her sense actively in this sex game. You can also opt for the blindfolded Adventures in Sex, While Wearing a Blindfoldforeplay experience in the reverse manner by allowing your partner to tie blindfold to you. Then you will be able to experience an amazing sensation when your girlfriend will touch various parts of your body with her hands and lips. In this way you can magnify the fun of blindfolded sex many times than your routine sex as it reduces your shyness to a great extent. The unmasked partner can have more fun from his partner’s body as he is aware of the expressions and surprising feelings of his partner while touch her various body parts with his hands and lips. You can also increase the fun if both of you wear the blindfolds.

Use of household items for blindfolded sex:

Normally blindfolded sex decisions are taken spontaneously. Such type of sex experience can not be done in a preplanned manner as it may lose its surprising affect. You can use the items of your daily use like scarves, ties ad various other similar things that can adequately cover your eyes to enable you to have a unique experience in your sex life. In fact blindfolded sex is the best option for the shy sex players which can help them in exploring their inclination towards sex and their partner.

Several couples who have tried blindfolded sex had described it as an amazing experience of their life.




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