Adult Swingers Enjoy Healthy Relationships

There are many that give into criticism of adult swingers. Scholars and marriage counselors have tried to justify swinging but to some it has never been embraced. Despite being unacceptable to many, those who embrace the lifestyle have a better side of it to tell. According to research couples who willingly participate in swinging enjoy a better relationships that those who don’t.

Adult swingers enjoy improved communication. Swinger couples will sit down and talk about what they have experienced with their external partners in an attempt to solve whatever problem that may arise in the lifestyle. Communication is improved in the sense that you’re free to openly communicate to your partner your desires during play. This strong communication strengthens the bond shared between the couple outside the lifestyle and this can make  a marriage better.

adult swingersAnother benefit swinger couples experience is increased intimacy. Partners engage with each other by discussing characteristics of their potential play partners before making a choice. These discussions help each person in the relationship to recognize their needs and desires and what to look for in a sexual partner for play. If a partner learns a new sexual trick from a swing partner they can easily teach each other and apply it to their own relationship.

Most swingers confess that they feel more satisfied because they enjoy more than what their partners can offer. To some, the fact that they have multiple sexual partners brings a whole new aspect of sexual  satisfaction.  Applying styles learned from other sexual partners makes their sexual relationship feel more complete.

The aspect of jealousy cannot be ignored in the swingers lifestyle, but with good communication skills and increased intimacy, this can be overcome. This can be viewed in two ways, one as a  benefit and the other as a drawback. Jealousy can be beneficial as it makes couples embrace each other more.  Extra precautions with rules and boundaries are taken to make sure everyone is comfortable and there are not lingering feeling of doubt present.

Knowing that your partner is enjoying more with another sexual partner can bring out feeling you wouldn’t want, but with everyone involved feeling the love and attention from their partners, this can quell those feeling and allow everyone to enjoy their sexual fantasies in a safe and secure setting.



Recent statistics have shown that swingers tend to have a lower divorce rate than monogamous couples. Swingers are people in open relationships, where partners are committed to each other, but engages sexually with other people at the same time. Swingers are more open and honest with the people they are in a relationship with than monogamous couples who often indulge in infidelity. Most swingers think that swinging is a good practice that helps to strengthen their relationship with their partners. Why do swingers refrain from divorce? There are many reasons READ MORE


Looking for a swinger group? Apart from swing clubs, it is common knowledge that many couples also attend parties organized by lifestyle groups. Swingers who have never been to such group parties may think that they are a low-budget swing clubs held in one’s apartment. However, the truth is that these groups are usually not smaller version of swing clubs but rather more personalized societies of the entire community of swingers. And with different types of swingers also mean that swingers group are many with each catering to a particular READ MORE