Single Swinging Women (Unicorns) of the LifeStyle

Single women in the swinging lifestyle are called unicorns.  It’s slang for a single, generally bi-sexual female that participates in the lifestyle.   Unicorns tend to benefit greatly and have the most fun in the lifestyle.   They tend to get a free or reduced admission, they also drink free as most couples and/or single men will comp. their liquor and they get to play with any couple or man at these events.  Single women are rare and normally account for about 30% of any lifestyle club’s membership.

Single Swinging Women in the LifeStyle In the lifestyle, swingers clubs normally caters to couples and single women only.  A very select few allows admission for single men in the lifestyle.  They can have the pick of any couple or man at the event.  “NO means NO” and single ladies are able to refuse any couple or single guy’s advances without recourse.

In most causes, unicorns are bi-sexual and will play with the male and female of a couple.  If you as a unicorn is not bisexual, make it known up front.  If you’re just into the lady, make this be known upfront or if you’re just into the guy, make this be known as well.  Couples normally have rules that they abide by while swinging.  Don’t pretend to be a bisexual unicorn if you’re only interested in the guy.  Be honest up front about your desires, as lies and deceits can create a problem if your true intentions are not made clear.

Swingers dating website is the best place to connect and find unicorns in the lifestyle. They have thousands of members looking to connect and play with unicorns.  There you can connect with other couples looking to play with a unicorn.  Most dating sites have instant messages, video chat, video recording tools and more that will allow you to communicate before you decide to meet in person.